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Eleonora Oleotto  Exploring Emotions

Video by Eleonora Oleotto, Simone Vrech (cinematographer) - Music: Claudio Pacagnan (2017)

The Buddhist Experience

Project by Eleonora Oleotto (photography and editing) - Music: Claudio Pacagnan (July 2017)

exploring emotions at ArtRooms 2017

Video of the project "exploring emotions" for ArtRooms 2017 Exhibition – London, England from the 20th to the 23rd of January 2017 – Concept / editing: Eleonora Oleotto,  Music: Claudio Pacagnan "exploring emotions" CD

Nel Regno Della Regina Sibilla

Video / DVD “Dagli Appennini alle Alpi” by Ivo Pecile and Sandra Tubaro – Sentieri Natura. Music: Clouds And Shining Trees,
 ”Bringing The Silence On My Side” CD, by Claudio Pacagnan (July 2015)

Mosaics #

Videoart by Massimo Deganutti, artwork by Maestro Giulio Menossi, music by Claudio Pacagnan (excerpts from the CD “Mosaics - Music inspired by the work by Master Giulio Menossi (October 2013)

Concetto della separazione  Dripping per sottrazione

Video by Cristopher Breda, art by Luciano Bellet, music “Essential 2” by Claudio Pacagnan (2012)

The Last Cry of the Forest

Video by Mozz Er - Transmission 13, music by Clouds And Shining Trees - The Last Cry Of The Forest, (2011)
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